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Jun 12, 2014

Saint Valentine or Saint Anthony?

Today is "Valentine's" Day in Brazil. Except that it's not related to Saint Valentine, like in most countries, but to Saint Anthony (Santo Antônio), who is considered to be the wedding Saint in that neck of the woods. 

Now, to me the most interesting traditions happen tomorrow, June 13th, which is the actual day of Santo Antônio. Tomorrow, many people in Brazil, religious or not, will take their little statues of the Saint and hang it upside down, or lock it in a dark closet, submerge it under water, or ever steal the baby Jesus from his arms. And Santo Antônio will remain hostage until he finds the kidnapper a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Wicked, I know! And also a little disturbing...but hey, if it helps! LOL.
Another tradition that has started in recent years, which I actually think is cute, is for the bride to throw a Santo Antônio doll at her wedding, the same way she throws her bouquet. The doll is meant to bring luck in love for those who catch it. This gives the bride's friends twice as much opportunity! The picture above is from the Santo Antônio doll I threw at my wedding day, handmade with love by my very talented aunt. 

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