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Jun 5, 2014

Quilt: Stitching Together a Life for Two

My husband and I had three wedding ceremonies, one in Brazil and two in the United States, two symbolic and one official. The first two were so beautiful that by the time the third one came along, I thought it may not feel as special anymore. But we had Claire, a high school history teacher who had become ordained to perform the wedding of a former student first, and of her niece next. Ours would be her third. Claire listened to our stories, hopes and dreams, sifted through old pictures, and with mastery she created a beautifully unique ceremony. Using 'quilting' as a metaphor for stitching together our new life, she prompted us to do it with care, patience, and originality. This imaginary 'quilt' that we build is one of a kind, tells our story, and will keep us warm and united.  

Lately, I decided to give 'real' quilting a try. My first project was a pair of Christmas stockings, which I based on this video. They turned out pretty great and I love the idea of hanging them side by side, year after year.

My second project was a house warming / engagement gift for a very dear friend. The placemats were very fun to make, especially with all the colors and patterns. I first watched this video for the quilt-as-you-go technique, but adapted it a little to fit my design and the materials I had available (I didn't use any glue, just pins). Now I want to make some placemats for myself! Or maybe take on a completely different project... maybe a travel bag!

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