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Jul 29, 2014

3D Origami Hearts Garland

I made these lovely origami hearts from a video tutorial that doesn't seem to play anymore. I couldn't find any other instructions online for this super great design, so, while I can still remember how to make it, I thought I would put together my very own step-by-step photo tutorial. It's the perfect decor for so many occasions!

Jul 25, 2014

Kusudama a.k.a. Origami Balloons

I have commented on here before about my somewhat origami-themed wedding, and how we created and handmade a lot of the decoration. Looking back, these are one of my favorite memories from that time, when our family and friends would gather for many evenings of folding papers, sitting together, and talking for hours (and I can't thank them enough for all their love and dedication!). Everything we made looked beautiful, but the biggest hits were these big and colorful origami balloons, which are called Kusudama.

Jul 17, 2014

Folded Passport Case

Traveling is one of my favorite things, and it defines much of my life. My passport, thus, has been an inseparable companion, and now it is dressed-up to fly! For this project, I used a handmade cork stamp (see Bon Vivant Cork Stamps for tutorial) and acrylic paint on a white cotton fabric. Once the paint was completely dry, I stiffened the fabric and left it to dry again. Finally, I folded the fabric using the Fabric Origami Card Holder pattern. The tricky part was to modify the dimensions of the origami pattern to fit the passport. Mine fit nicely with a 21 1/2" X 11 1/2" piece. Also, make sure you stiffen it well to provide it with structure, otherwise add card stock pieces to the inside of the pattern. 

Jul 15, 2014

Cookie Bowls and Ice Cream

I will have Mondays everyday if ends with cookies and ice cream! Even better if I can give this beloved dessert a gourmet look. 

I love perusing in kitchen stores for novelties, and last week at Sur La Table, I saw this cookie bowl pan. My first thought was: cool! My second thought was: I can make this with the muffin pan I already have at home! Because I love seeing all the novelty tools, but I prefer to have just the multi-functional basics. More often than not, there is a way to adapt, be creative with what we already have. 

Jul 11, 2014

DYI Surprise Card

I was looking through some old letters yesterday and I happened to find a birthday card that I made for my husband many years ago, when we were still just friends. Alright, he was also already the love of my life, and has been since the day we met, but we weren't so open about it just yet. ; )