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Jul 11, 2014

DYI Surprise Card

I was looking through some old letters yesterday and I happened to find a birthday card that I made for my husband many years ago, when we were still just friends. Alright, he was also already the love of my life, and has been since the day we met, but we weren't so open about it just yet. ; )

I remember being super excited about this little project. I've always loved cards that pop, sing, move, because they are such great surprises by themselves! I used card stock, transparency film and permanent markers. Using the transparency film and the markers I traced over an imagine from an old picture book from my aunt's middle school years. If I were to make a card like this again, I would probably add a wider frame on the left to facilitate the pulling motion. 

First make an envelope using card stock, similar to the drawing below, but customizing it to your preferred dimensions. My finished card was approximately 7" x 7". You'll need the following parts:

  • Back of the envelope (7"x 7") 
  • Front of the envelope (8" x 7 1/2" with a 5" x 5" window cut) - this one is larger because the excess will be folded and glued to the back of the card. 
  • Inserted division (7" x 7" or a tiny bit smaller)
  • Surprise message (7" x 7" or adjusted to slide back and forth + pull flap)
  • Transparency film window (7" x 7" + pull flap)

Using just a little bit of glue, attach the sides of the inserted division to the inside of the back of the envelope. Proceed with gluing the front of the envelope to the back, making sure the inserted division is sandwiched between them. Next, prepare your surprise message combined with the design on the transparency film. Glue the pull flaps together and slide both parts in the envelope, but with the inserted division between them. So, once you card is ready, the sandwich should be in the following order: Front of the envelope, transparency film, inserted division, surprise message, and back of the envelope. Pull the flap to reveal your secret message!

I think this would be a great way to surprise someone with a non-material gift, like a trip, a massage session, or perhaps just an invitation: dinner and a movie tonight? Or even the big will you marry me question! So, what would you like to surprise a loved one with?

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