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Jan 29, 2014

Souvenirs from the Fall: Felted Acorns

Last fall I went hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Cold Springs, NY. It was one of these gorgeous Fall days, when the soil is covered in a bed of crispy colorful leaves and the sun is shinning warm through the trees. As souvenirs, I brought back a handful of acorn caps that I collected on the way... I was thinking craft project!

I had seen this idea online a few times and seemed pretty easy. All I needed for the project were my needle felting material, the acorn caps, white glue, a drill with a tiny drill bit and fishing line. I started by making needle felted balls in four colors...the more you prick the felt with the needle, the denser it will get, thus nicer too. The wet felt technique would probably work great for this purpose, but I didn't try it. I then made one tiny hole in each cap, hooked the transparent fishing wire and,  lastly, glued the felt balls to the caps. I let it dry before hanging. They looked adorable decorating my little Christmas tree and once the tree was gone, I hanged them in a dry branch, making the perfect Winter minimalist arrangement.

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