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Jan 15, 2014

Slick and Concise Year in Review

I always get over-sentimental around New Year's. It's a mix of nostalgia for the wonderful times that have passed, anxiety to achieve the things I think I should already have, and a biological need to be at a warm beach in my hometown, jumping seven waves in one foot while making wishes (yes, that's one of our New Year's great traditions!). To me, New Year's in the cold just doesn't make sense!

Anyway, to quiet down the sentimental me, I've learned to think about all the moments from the year that just ended, big and small... it always strikes me how much has happened and I get excited about what's yet to come. This year, to help this exercise and keep the memories alive for a long time, I decided to make a 2013 Year in Review photo album. I uploaded the photos to a popular service website and had lots of fun decorating my album. I've tried the whole scrapbook thing before, but it just isn't for me... I ended up printing hundreds of pictures and never finishing it. Additionally, scrapbooks are usually so bulky! This one is slick, concise and full of memories....I want to do it every year now! Heck, I even want to go back and do it for previous years too! 

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