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Feb 5, 2014

'You & I' High Contrast Pillowcase

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift can be a challenge. Ideally, we want something romantic, unique, creative, useful and long-lasting! Not an easy task! So, here is an idea that in my opinion fulfills all these requirements: a 'You & I' Pillowcase! If you have the time and are feeling inspired, you can paint a different picture on each side of the pillowcase for versatility. ; )

It's a pretty fun project. First, choose a few close-up pictures, and using your photo editing tool make the pictures black and white. Then, increase the contrast level until all the grey is gone and there are really only black and white on the picture. While doing this, you will notice that some of the details will disappear, so make sure you still like how the pictures looks! That's why I suggest choosing a few photos to experiment with. Once you have prepared and chosen your picture, it's time to print the high contrast image. You might want to split it into two sheets of paper for a larger image, and tape them together. Next, use carbon or wax paper to transfer the outlines of image to the pillowcase, remembering that every little details, every black dash and dot is important to keep the picture looking accurate. Now, all that is left to do is paint! Use any color of fabric paint to fill in the image (black areas only!), always referencing the high contrast image for accuracy. If you are painting a small area, with lots of details, I recommend using a fabric pen (just make sure it matches the color that you are using in the larger areas).

So, this year's gift is covered! Should we start thinking about next year's already?

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