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Dec 16, 2012

Ho Ho Ho I'm painting again!

Last time I painted anything was in 5th grade. Our art teacher made us reproduce, with our various skill levels, the famous Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I believe I did a pretty good job, for an 11 year-old, and my master-piece still hangs on a wall in my parents' home - though not in a prominent location. Since then, my paint has expired and my brushes have disappeared.
I don't know why I gave up on such promising talent so early. Maybe I hadn't learned yet how to tame my perfectionism and was disappointed when comparing my work to Van Gogh's. Now, at perhaps a wiser age, I value the freedom to express myself and am able to draw satisfaction from everything I put my heart onto. Giving painting a second chance, I made this cute little Christmas card. It's simple, but I'm proud!

And since we're praising freedom of expression, I should also show you "card attempt n. 1" - no, I have no idea how the green flames came about.

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