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Nov 20, 2012

So, when do we have time for our hobbies?

I believe time is the most precious asset of a hobbyist. Since my last/first post I have been eager to start my next project, but a busy week just won't let me do it. And having to wait for the weekend to arrive again is just so stressful! I thought hobbies were supposed to relax us!

I have seen it my whole life, at home. I mean, the lack of time for the things we truly enjoy. My dad is probably the greatest hobbyist I have ever known. Everything is of interest to him and he is always working on multiple projects at a time. The fact that he has two jobs and many other commitments doesn't seem to stop him, but it sure slows him down. He always finds time, but is far from being enough. So, when do we ever have time for our hobbies?

We have time when we are kids, but then we're too inexperienced and impatient to dedicate ourselves to a hobby. Nowadays, kids are used to have entertainment delivered to them, with no creative effort from their part. Or they jump from one hobby to the other, as it is expected from their short attention span. I was one of the later. I perused through classes of ballet, piano, painting, drawing, crochet, book biding, jewelry, modern dance, yoga, and a few others I can't even remember. I like to think that this was a testimony of my varied interests and that they all contributed to my diverse skill set today. Nevertheless, I also know that I regret not having perfected any of these skills and wish I could go back to these I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world days. And maybe this blog is about going back and trying again, with more purpose, less time, but same enthusiastic curiosity.

We also have time when we retire. Not surprisingly, people over 60 represent the largest share of the craft market. But I am only 26 and I don't think I can wait that long! Also, to me, having a hobby is more than just passing time doing something enjoyable. It is, above all, learning and creating. It's a path to self-discovery. And I'm not trying to be all self-help book style here. No, this is common sense, it's written all over our human genes - we feel empowered when we create! So, some will say it is that whole made-from-the-image-of-God syndrome. I say, that's why we have our opposable thumbs - to craft! So, let's make craft part of our identity. That's the only way we'll ever find time for it. I read somewhere today that at some point in history computers came along and as well as a hot economy and suddenly we were all too busy for hobbies. Well, it seems like we have no more excuses now. Internet has become an important resource for hobbyists everywhere and we all know the economy is at best lukewarm.

Anyways, I hereby commit myself to making time for a project this week, as small as it may be.


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